Green Coffee Beans and Brewed Coffee for Healthy Skin.

Delving Deeper int to the benefits of coffee to make it your favorite 'skin drink.'

What do green coffee beans and brewed coffee do for our skin?Green Coffee Beans

  1. Gives our skin an Antioxidant blast

Raw, unprocessed green coffee beans possess 100% pure Chlorogenic Acid (CGA), which is an ester of caffeic acid having strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Theophylline, Epigallocatechin Gallate in green coffee are ingredients that can help us maintain our skin health and avert the appearance of wrinkles.  

However, coffee’s antioxidant power, found in flavonoids, is released when brewed. Antioxidants fight premature aging of the skin due to heat, UV light, pollution, and damaging free radicals. It improves the strength, resilience, and elasticity of your skin.

  1. Exfoliates our skin

The granular texture of ground coffee beautifully exfoliates the skin revealing a smoother, cleaner face.  The acids in unroasted coffee beans give chemical exfoliation as well as hand rubbed exfoliation. Skin pores are never blocked but skin is brightened and wrinkles softened.

  1. Brightens our skin

We know how coffee wakes us up in the morning. It does the same thing for our skin. The stimulating properties of coffee improve blood flow and making our skin appear radiant, bright, and Youthful.

  1. Reduces cellulite

Caffeine in the coffee scrub will reduce cellulite because the caffeine dehydrates the fatty cells and stimulates the degradation of fats during lipolysis. This causes the cellulite to diminished, making the skin look much smoother and tightened.  Studies have shown that skin creams which list caffeine as an ingredient are up to 17% more effective regarding cellulite reduction.

  1. Tightens up our skin

One of the many attributes of caffeine in coffee beans to the user is skin tightening. Caffeine is great for minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the face especially reducing crow’s feet and can also diminish puffiness under the eyes. It significantly improves collagen and elastin production. It improves the strength, resilience, and elasticity of our facial skin.

  1. Calming effect

Though counterintuitive given its stimulant nature, coffee can also calm inflamed and red skin thanks to the same antioxidants that protect it from premature aging. Chlorgenic acid reduces redness associated with excessive sunlight exposure and caffeine limits photodamage, decreases skin roughness and wrinkle formation, and reduces the appearance of crow’s feet.